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What is the difference between damp and wet location rated light fixtures?

The difference between damp and wet locations is:

Damp locations: fixtures that may be used outside provided that they will not get rained on directly.

Wet locations: fixtures that may take direct rain are rated for wet locations.

Example: Our ceiling mount fixture is rated for damp locations and if being used outside needs to be mounted under something protective from direct rain such as a porch overhang so water will not enter the top.

How much light do I need for a room? (bulbs, wattage)

For general lighting levels using incandescent bulbs here's a easy to use rule of thumb...

1. Get the square footage of your room (length x width = total square footage)

2. Take the total square footage and multiply it by 2 watts per square foot for most rooms and 4 watts for kitchens and baths.

This will give you the approximate total incandescent wattage needed to illuminate your room adequately.


1. A 10 x 10 room = 100 square feet

2. Times 2 watts per square foot = 200 watts needed to illuminate an average room (400 watts if the room is a kitchen or bath)

Please note: A light bulb's light output or lumens vary from manufacturer to manufacturer for a given wattage and more light may be needed for some tasks and individuals.

How can I save on my electric bill ?

With the way utilities have doubled in California, many have been switching to compact fluorescent bulbs. They give you 4 times the light output or lumens per watt as regular incandescent bulbs, last about 4 times longer and the reduced heat prolongs the life of the light fixture socket and wiring etc. In other words you can use a lower wattage bulb to get the same light output.

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